Shipping Policy

The amount of preparation and shipping costs depends on the country and the total amount of the order. They will be detailed on the invoice.

Nur•Hektor studio is not responsible for any actions and/or fees and/or taxes (which are the responsibility of the Client) and/or delays due to customs services over which it has no control.
For all products, the order is prepared to leave the Nur•Hektor studio warehouses within a maximum period of 3 business weeks (subject to stock availability and except in the particular case of products sold "on request" for which the specific estimated delivery time is indicated in the form) from the order confirmation by email. The average time between placing an order and its delivery is 5 to 10 business days. This is an indicated average time.

As an exception to the times mentioned above, "pre-order" operations may be subject to longer delivery times. In this case, the estimated delivery time for "pre-order" operations can be from 6 to 9 months from the moment of the order, as duly indicated in the purchase process.
Exceeding the indicated estimated delivery time will not give rise to any cancellation of the order, to any reduction in the price paid by the buyer or to any payment of damages, since it is specified that in certain particular cases (for example: products marketed as "pre-orders") the times indicated above may be longer. However, in the absence of delivery after 30 days from the maximum estimated time, the Customer will have the possibility to cancel the order free of charge. The sums paid by the Client will be reimbursed. In the cases in which it has the capacity, Nur•Hektor Studio reserves the right to offer the client a product of quality and price equivalent to the initial product.
If the order reaches a certain volume, Nur•Hektor Studio can send them to the client in several deliveries and/or several packages.
In general, all packages are sent via DHL and Deutschepost within Germany. A delivery note to be signed is attached to the package. It is advisable to keep a copy of this document, as it will serve as proof of delivery.

The Customer must check the conformity of the Products delivered at the time of delivery and before signing the carrier's delivery note. The Client must indicate on this delivery note and in the form of handwritten reservations accompanied by his signature any anomaly related to the delivery (Product damaged, etc.). This verification is considered to have been carried out as soon as the Client, or a person chosen by him, has signed the delivery note. Then no claim will be admissible regarding the status of the package(s) delivered. In case of reservations about delivery, the customer must also confirm them to the carrier within 3 working days after receipt of the items and send a copy of this letter to Nur•Hektor Studio by email at

In case of incomplete address, incorrect address, rejection of the package by the recipient or lack of information leading to the impossibility of delivering the product to the recipient on time, Nur•Hektor Studio is not responsible for the final quality of this delivery. If this lack of information leads to a second delivery to the recipient, Nur•Hektor Studio will be entitled to ask the customer for the costs of this second delivery. The customer is subject to the general delivery conditions of the carrier which, in some cases, if not met, may affect the quality of the delivery.
Therefore, in the event of the recipient's absence, in accordance with the carrier's general delivery conditions, the product may be presented again and/or deposited at an agreed relay point and/or in front of the Customer's home and/or or in the "sorting and waiting" center of a carrier and/or returned to Nur•Hektor Studio, which cannot
In the event that delivery is not possible and the carrier returns the product to Nur•Hektor Studio, Nur•Hektor Studio will not make a new delivery.
Any complaint related to the delivery of the Products must be made within 14 working days of receipt of the item(s) in the same condition as mentioned above. If it is decided that the product or products must be returned to Nur•Hektor Studio, they must be returned in their original condition (packaging, accessories...) and in accordance with the following shipping conditions. The customer must first contact customer service via email: to formulate the desire to proceed with a return or exchange. The product must be returned to Fürbringerstraße 32, 10961 Berlin, atelier studio Nur•Hektor